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About us

ELDOS Co. Ltd., the top Polish manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronics industry has been established in 1991, and began its production in June 1993. The factory has been located in Wrocław, capital of the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia, and delivering its high-quality products to the domestic and European market. Since 1996, the Quality Management...

Processes / Equipment



Ucam, FixGenius Systems from ManiaTechnologie
CAM-350 Systems from DownStreamTechnologies
Belgium, Germany
Laser Photoploter, SilverWriter from BARCO Belgium
CNC EXCELLON and LENZ drillers with automatic loading and unloading USA
TOPCOM horizontal line for direct plating from Höllmüller Germany
DYNACHEM and ORC Exposure Unit
Phast Print Exposure Unit
Laminator Cut-sheet, MORTON Germany
Galvanic line from STS Switzerland
MASS curtain coating line for solder mask Germany
BÜRKLE Presses for multilayer boards Germany
PENTA 550 HAL Unit for plating PCBs with solder alloy Poland
PILL Immersion tin plating line in the horizontal STANNATECH process Germany
Electroless and electrolytic nickel/gold plating lines Poland
EXCELLON drillers-routers Germany
Scoring machine RM 601 SCHMOLL
Scoring machine SL13.9 TELMEC
MANIA testers for electrical tests - single and double sided, ECONO TOWER, SPEEDY. EMMA tester for elecrtical tests - single and double sided, from Microcraft. Germany
AOI Tester ARGOS 8008 Germany
Registration System for Multilayers from PRINTPROCESS (Targomat III, Rivolino I, Targomill II) Switzerland
Waste water treatment plant Germany

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