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Eldos Sp. z o.o.

About us

ELDOS Co. Ltd., the top Polish manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronics industry has been established in 1991, and began its production in June 1993. The factory has been located in Wrocław, capital of the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia, and delivering its high-quality products to the domestic and European market. Since 1996, the Quality Management...

Innovations / IMS Laminate PCBs

Innovative technology of PCB production 


Eldos Ltd. produces PCBs using Insulated Metal Substrate Laminate, IMS.

This innovative technology finds application mainly in production of electronic lighting and signalling equipment using high-power LEDs, and where there is a necessity of sinking large amount of heat generated by electronic components, while the use of conventional heat sinks is not justified for various reasons. Special laminates with thick aluminium plate covered by copper foil insulated from the metal substrate by dielectric layer, featured with high heat-transfer coefficient and high insulating power, are used in the production.

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