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About us

ELDOS Co. Ltd., the top Polish manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronics industry has been established in 1991, and began its production in June 1993. The factory has been located in Wrocław, capital of the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia, and delivering its high-quality products to the domestic and European market. Since 1996, the Quality Management...

Innovations / LCA to go

Boosting Life Cycle Assessment Use in European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SME)


In the years 2011-2014, ELDOS was involving in the "LCA to go" project within the 7Frame Programme. The project concerned an investigation of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for market products of chosen branch, as well as creation a tool allowing to determine an environmental impact within their whole lifecycles. Mainly, ELDOS was focusing on investigation regarding to printed circuit boards life cycle assessment.

The results of our work, especially the LCA of PCB and an appropriate database, allowed to create a software tool enabling manufacturers of PCB all over the world to assess the environmental impact of their products. You are welcome to view the presentations of  “LCA to go” project showed during POLEKO 2013 in Poznań:

- PCB Lifecycle Assessment – Manufacturer’s Experience (PL)
- Abilities of "LCA to go" tool (PL)


At first glance:

Total cost: 5.09 million Euro
Start date: 2011-01-01
End date: 2014-12-31
Consortium: 18 partners from 9 countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and Taiwan)
Project Coordinator: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany)


Project goal:

Serving Needs of Innovative Key Sectors with Smart Methods and Tools.


Project objective:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is considered as the most advanced tool for improving the environmental performance of products. There are however barriers that reduce its implementation, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), such as data intensity, costs, and expertise required to run the LCA studies.

"LCA to go" develops sectoral methods and tools for bio-based plastics, industrial machinery, electronics, renewable energy, sensors and smart textiles. Free web tools ("apps") will serve dedicated needs of these sectors, addressing the specifics of the technologies and implementing parameterized models, such as calculators for energy-break-even-point of photovoltaic’s, Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) based on technology parameters of printed circuit boards, and Key Environmental Performance Indicators (KEPIs) for smart textiles.

These sectors have been chosen, because the manufacturers are strongly motivated on presentation of their products environmental benefits ("Green industries") and in prioritizing that can reduce their environmental impacts. This is particularly the case for SMEs.


Key objectives:

1. Boosting LCA use in SMEs
2. Development of simplified operative methods and tools
3. Development of sector-specific eco-design and LCA approaches
4. Development of a web-based, open source toolbox

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