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ELDOS Co. Ltd., the top Polish manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronics industry has been established in 1991, and began its production in June 1993. The factory has been located in Wrocław, capital of the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia, and delivering its high-quality products to the domestic and European market. Since 1996, the Quality Management...

News / Chemical PCBs surface preparation technology

Chemical PCBs surface preparation technology


We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a chemical PCBs surface preparation technology from the MEC company into our production facility.

This technology is an alternative to the mechanical preparation of PCB surfaces, for example by brushing or pumice cleaning. There are some advantages of the new technology in very uniform degreasing and micro-etching of PCB surface. The copper surface becomes uniformly mat and for this reason darker than copper surfaces obtained in brushing or pumice cleaning processes. In the result, the adhesion between copper and soldermask is extremely enhanced, what significantly improve a quality and reliability of PCBs manufactured by Eldos.

The process takes place in automatic production line. This is a horizontal and modular production line for cleaning and micro-etching processes of copper surfaces on printed circuits. The line consists of 11 modules, which make up the whole. The processing and rinsing modules are equipped with chambers respectively for chemical baths or water, circulation pumps, sets of nozzles (two-sided spraying), appropriate dosing systems, essential instrumentation like: conductometers, colormeters, flowmeters and sensors of PCB’s presence, temperature, bathing level and pressure. The whole is controlled by the SIMATIC S7 – 300 controller. The line is built up from the following materials: polypropylene PP, titanium, EPDM i PVC.

The constructional and technological solutions of the line are innovative and modern (High-Tech). There is possible etching of copper in a controlled way even for very fine quantities, for example: 0,8μmCu, 1μmCu, 1,5μmCu, according to needs.

In the line can be treated all laminates used widely for PCBs production for example FR4 and Polyimides. The line GREENLINE 2000 enables treatment of PCBs with thicknesses range of 0,05 - 4mm and minimal diameter of drilled hole on 0,1 mm. Maximum thickness of PCB to hole diameter ratio (APH Aspect Ratio Holes) is 12:1. Thanks to these properties of the production line and the MEC technology together, ELDOS obtains an ability to produce even most advanced PCBs.

The production capacity of line is about 300 m2 PCBs per day, and fully covers not only the current needs but also provides additionally an appropriate reserve for further growth of the Company and increasing its production capacity.

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