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About us

ELDOS Co. Ltd., the top Polish manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronics industry has been established in 1991, and began its production in June 1993. The factory has been located in Wrocław, capital of the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia, and delivering its high-quality products to the domestic and European market. Since 1996, the Quality Management...



Operating a factory in the modern world, and particularly the chemistry-based production processes, requires responsibility towards the society and respecting the ever-growing requirements of the environmental protection.

Localisation of the factory in sub-urban area, in the vicinity of a villa settlement, places additional burden on us. Besides the usual administrative regulations we are obliged to fulfil higher expectations of the nearby inhabitants concerning noise level and factory lighting, especially during the late evening and night hours, not mentioning the emission of disagreeable odours of chemicals.

That is why, from the very beginnings of our activity, we are particularly sensitive to the environmental issues and successfully satisfy the relevant requirements without serious objections.

In the day-to-day operations we utilise the sewage treatment plant, for precipitating the harmful heavy metal compounds from the liquid wastes and for preparing the initially purified water for partial return to the factory processes.

European Directive RoHS forces on producers elimination of lead from printed circuit boards production and assembling processes and halogen compounds form the laminate itself.

The EU regulations in that area have been consequently implemented in ELDOS’ practice by introducing the immersion tin and lead-free HAL processes, and we seek for halogen-free laminates from our suppliers.

According to the Regulation of the Health Minister in regard of tests and measurements of harmful factors in the work environment, periodic checks on toxic agents, noise, dust and mineral fibres are performed at exposed work stands.

Not having the formal certificate for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ELDOS Ltd. fulfil most of its requirements (see the Certificate from TMS Consultancy).

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